Busy Jean is Busy.

11:46 PM Jean Melgar 3 Comments

In times of great stress and adversity, it's always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive. -- Lee Iacocca
When 2011 started, I only promised one thing to myself -- keep yourself busy. I have been through a lot last year and this year started quite difficult too. There were plenty of ups and downs. Reality slapped me hard in the face. Ouch! I woke up one day and realized I'm making a big mess of everything. It's not that I haven't been making a mess for twenty something years already. It's just that this one is really messy.

Anyway, let's steer clear of the emo drama that's about to unravel here. Point is I had to make myself busy to prevent disorder and to forget that I'm alone. I also had to stop excessive alcohol drinking to make my tummy flat. Impossible task, I know.

So how do I keep myself busy and not drink all the time, you ask? It's pretty simple. Kill yourself with tasks. Let me show you how my day goes.

6:30  - wake up
6:45  - cook/prepare breakfast and lunch
7:00  - eat breakfast
7:15  - take a bath
7:40  - go to work
8:00  - work/IFSA/seminars/meetings

12:00 - lunch

1:00  - work/IFSA/seminars/meetings
5:00  - overtime work/IFSA/sportsfest
6:00  - exercise/run (or at least try)/sportsfest
7:00  - go home
7:30  - dinner
8:00  - part-time work
10:30 - intarnetzzz!
11:00 - skype

12:30 - zzzzzz

LOL You can stalk me now. Seriously, goodness! What am I doing to myself? If you are wondering what IFSA means, it's an organization at work and I'm the treasurer. I play sports, too, though I'm not really good. I teach at night for the extra monies cos you know I have kids to feed. LOLJK I wish I have a presonal secretary that will do half of the things that I'm doing. I'm too busy, I really don't have time for socializing. Though I alloted Friday nights free so we can still party. It's only March and I'm already exhausted. I love my planner.

Hand me a magic lamp.

BTW, one thing I love about this? Losing weight.