OOTD: Winter Goth

12:03 PM Jean Melgar 2 Comments

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday morning! I'm having such a good morning and I'm excited to meet my friends later. It's been a while since I saw them. This is going to be a good day! I'm claiming it.

Anyway, I want to share one of my outfits from my vacation. You know, when it comes to clothes, I don't really have a "style". I don't know how to call it. Basta I wear what I feel like wearing that day, so sometimes I end up looking like a 70s hippie, 80s grunge, stuck in the 90s, or an uptight teacher/librarian. It largely depends on my mood. One thing I'm sure of is I'm not very fond of prints. 

Now for this post, you might have already guessed based on the title. 

Don't worry I didn't go all out. HAHA. If I did my makeup like a goth, Franco might not have dinner with me in public. Or he would but he'd be dumbfounded the whole time.

That's it pansit


  1. haha! I can relate. i also wear what i like, don't really have a specific style.

  2. I think it's more fun that way, too! We can dress up in different styles. :)