Money Makes the World Go Round

11:23 AM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

Tell me, when you were a student, did you dream of graduating and getting a job so you can have your own money and spend  it like crazy? I'm sure I'm not the only one. I thought having your own money means spending it only on pretty things - clothes, shoes, makeup, books, bags, accessories, etc. Boy, was I wrong. 

I have a decent job. Actually, it's not just a job, it's a career. I believe I'm paid well though it could be better. You think I'd be scattering money all over my sheets and sleeping on them. Hell no. Why? First, I'm not that crazy, and secondly, I'm a regular adult with lots of bills to pay. 

Adult stuff I pay monthly for:
  • PhilHealth
  • Pag-IBIG
  • HMO (Intellicare)
  • SSS
  • Cooperative
  • Credit card 1 (RCBC)
  • Credit card 2 (Citibank)
  • Telecommunication (Smart)
  • Life Insurance 1 (Pioneer)
  • Life Insurance 2 (Pioneer)
  • Electricity (Meralco)
  • Market/Grocery
  • Public transportation
  • Daily meals
I'm also setting aside some for my savings. No more room for play and pretty things, yah? I try my best to fit in my monthly budget but it's so frakin hard. I see my salary and I wanna spend it on the new iPad. Ugh. 

What I regret is not educating myself earlier. Nobody told me it's not all play and fun after college. Real life happens. Bills happen. Nobody told me I'd have to save up early on so I can buy a car, travel the world, get married, buy a house and lot, and raise kids. Where the hell do you expect me to get the money for all these? Where, world?

Can I survive without money? Probably. But honestly, I think I'll be miserable.