Let's call it madness.

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Today is Valentine's. Flowers, balloons, chocolates, and candies are seen everywhere. I was in a training the whole day but that doesn't mean I didn't receive any gifts. I got a lot! Thanks!

I had a simple dinner with my friends and proceeded to UPLB Feb Fair afterwards. We were not expecting a lot of people since it's only Monday. What were we thinking? It's Valentine's for crying out loud! I don't understand why anyone would want to go on a date on the 14th. There are millions (that may be an exaggeration) of people out wanting to go on a date or looking for one. The streets are so crowded, teenagers decided to just have their dates by the side of the street. Classy. The traffic was so bad I was thinking of going to the Fair by foot. I decided to stay in the jeepney and make fun of the crazy teenagers. Yes, I'm nice like that. The Fair itself was crazy (How many times have I said crazy?). We had to hold hands and I was afraid I was going to step on a child or an infant. Yes, there were a lot of kids! What crazy (There I go again.) parents! 

I'm really excited to go back to the fair, though, cause there are rides! I will ride the ferris wheel and the caterpillar tomorrow. I will find a partner in crime. I will find a willing victim. Also, there are a lot of stores. I bought a set of bangles today. 

Anyway, today is total madness and so is this post. 

Imma go listen to him sing now. 

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