The Sunday Currently Vol. 2

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I love Sundays because of the serenity. Everyone seems to be more mellow on this day of the week.

Blogs of some people. I unfollowed  a lot of blogs lately because they all seem so shallow to me. If the blog's purpose is to be shallow, then I need more personality from the blogger. Some thing like that

I SHOULD be writing my scientific poster because deadline is coming soon but it's Sunday and who wants to work on Sundays.

I was just listening to Nat King Cole. Something about his voice and his songs makes me feel loved.

Of what I'm going to do this week. The kids are on their summer break and so the house feels empty. When my nieces are away, I have so much time on my hands. 

Shea butter. My soap and hand cream are of the same scent.

I'm still in Korea with Franco. Too much alone time sucks

My wound on my left index finger won't turn into keloid. I hurt myself last time I was in Korea. I was exiting Franco's building. I was pushing the glass door when the wind fought back and my index finger lost the battle. I was going to meet Franco for lunch and I was running late so I decided to just go to the nearest convenient store for band aids. I was running in the cold with a bloody hand. The cashier felt so bad for me, she put the band aid herself. Love trumps pain. :P 

Favorite ragged pambahay clothes

My skin lately. I don't want to jinx it!

Ballet flats. I lack ballet flats, I can't believe it! I used to live in them and now I don't even own a pair. What happened?

Driving shoes. I never understood the importance before but I badly need one. It's not that I can't drive without it but not all shoes are comfortable to drive in. What's a good and stylish driving shoe?

Mighty effin empowered! I can drive myself and other people around now. I don't have to bug my sister to wake up and drive for me and bring me to places. I just hope my parking skills get better soon.

Good luck on the coming week!

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  1. Most of the blogs I come across have The Sunday Currently on their blog, I might just follow. Hehe ;) and hooray for driving! I hope my parking improves as well.

    1. Hi! I have been reading The Sunday Currently of different blogs for so long and thought I should just do it. You should try it! :)

      Good luck on your parking!