When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

3:12 PM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

I haven't been getting any sleep these days. I lay on bed for hours and my mind doesn't seem interested in any form of rest. It keeps going and going and going like an Energizer bunny. I almost cried last night out of exhaustion and frustration. I'm thinking of going to the doctor to get some sleeping pills or something.

Tough times are here. As much as I do not want to dwell on my problems and issues in life, they bother me. I've always wondered how people deal with stress. I'm aware that compared to others my worries may be nothing. But I still carry a heavy heart. I'm such a worrier and this intensifies my lack of sleep. I have problems. I worry. I over-think. I don't sleep.

If only I can solve all the problems in this world then I'll be sleeping like a baby.