Why I love the UPLB Feb Fair

10:55 PM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

Even if you are from UP or not, you must have heard or know the Fair/Feb Fair. There are a lot of reasons for liking it. When I was still in college, I loved it for the drinking sessions and meeting the alumni every last day of the event. We would go to our booths everyday and chat, eat, and drink. It was our excuse to get drunk and be noisy. 

Now that I'm no longer a student, I love it cos it's that time of the year when I meet old friends. I don't see them regularly because we all have busy schedules and I don't live in the Metro. So I really make sure that I see my college friends!

2006 (My last year in university.)

2007 (The last Fair before I left for graduate school.)

2010 (The year I got back from graduate school.) 

2011 (Woot!)

Aside from meeting friends, I did a lot fun activities this year! No excessive drinking though. LOL 
I rode the caterpillar and ferris wheel (no photo, boo!) a couple of times.

And I fired some guns! Awesomecakes! 

I didn't have a date for Valentine's but I sure had fun with friends! 

Photo Ferris Wheel